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Ethereum Rinkeby Faucet

This faucet uses a public Testnet where you can send transactions without spending real money.

How to use

  • You can claim up to 0.5 ETH every 24 hours
  • An ERC20 token can be attached (changes every month)
  • Do not use bots or abusive claims
  • Please send back tokens to this address when no longer needed:
  • Please note that these ETH have no value in the market. Only for testing purposes.
  • You must solve the reCaptcha and Verify me.
  • A message can be included in the transaction
  • Complete the steps 1234
100% 0.5 ETH
***** Faucet is not working with Adblock. Please deactivate any Adblocker *****

Recent claims (1)

AddressMessageETHERC20DateTx hash
0x3ea9486EDc41450145Ff36e9DFCF4e497Fd8Ff0A 0.5 No 2019-2-17 07:26:00 0x423c19b...