Crowdfunding Event

⚽ The faucets are opening again.
We are entering the New Lunar Year 🌕, so it's time to get funds for running the service this whole year.
As Ethereun fees are skyrocketing 🚀, it is very expensive to ask for ether donations at this point.
This year we will fundraise using the Binance Smartchain network trx icon. This mainnet address 0xEc126E819b6E2930Cfe2088912E78cf1625A344A is open for donations or tips.
The funding goal is 5 BNB 🎯 for opening the website services again. Any collaboration is very welcome.
At the end of the kickstart all the backers will receive a BNB badge token (THT) testnet coin for this 2024 event.
This event will finish on March 20th
Thank you very much for your support!! 💚
Notice that this is not an investment, it is not an ICO. This project is crowdfunding for resuming operation and resume our mission that is to share the cryptocurrency knowledge all around the globe.
If you need these testnet cryptocurrencies urgently, you may use another testnet faucet available online.

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