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adBTC the best Bitcoin PTC

adBTC is a PTC style website (Paid To Click) that allows you to earn bitcoins by clicking on ads on web pages.

In other words, it is a website that acts as an intermediary between an advertiser who pays for the impressions of their ads and visitors who register on the website and see the advertising.

adbtc logo

In this last month has seen a spectacular increase in the value of Bitcoin against the US dollar reaching $ 7400. Many users are made with a few free satoshis as an investment against the bitcoin's bullish rally.

In the following graph we can see that in the last month, the rise of the btc has been spectacular.

btc usd october

The web adbtc is offered in English or Russian, although it does not have too much difficulty to understand how it works.

These two links lead to one language or the other. or

As there is a lot of popularity of bitcoin in Russia it is not surprising that many of the ads shown
be in Russian, but after all, we do not care as it is charged whatever the language of the ad.

To register you have to click on the Register or Зарегистрироваться button.
It is only necessary to indicate an email and a bitcoin address (and the password as always).
Once the registration is made, the verification email is received and once it is accepted, the account can be entered.

Mind you, they do not recommend using hotmail or yahoo emails, since confirmation emails do not arrive.

The design of the page is very simple, with a side menu on the left and in the center the ad manager.
In the upper left it shows the balance in satoshis that we have accumulated and the balance in satoshis for the announcements.

And just below a button to deposit bitcoins.

English balance


Russian balance

The following menu options are to withdraw money (withdraw or Вывести), referrals (referral system or Реферальная программа), change the wallet (change wallet or Смена кошелька) and exit (logout or Выйти).

The following menu options "Earn" (Earn or Заработать) are surfing ads (surf ads or Сёрфинг сайтов),
autosurfing (autosurfing or Автосёрфинг), and surfing in window (surfing in active window or Сёрфинг в активном окне) active, which requires to be in focus that tab.

English menu

Then there is a menu for advertisers (advertise or Рекламодателям) that shows the same options:
surfing ads, autosurfing or surfing in active window.

The last part of the menu contains the referral market options, in case we want to buy them (referral market or Рынок рефералов), the latest withdrawals of bitcoins (latest withdrawals or Последние выплаты), and payment transactions (payment transactions or Транзакции выплат) .

Russian menu


You can withdraw the bitcoins once you reach the 15000 satoshis balance (0.00015000 bitcoins).
The current exchange rate (btc to eur) is € 0.95.

It offers an affiliation system that gives a 7.5% commission, both of what our referrals earn when surfing
the announcements as well as the advertising expenses of our referrals.
If you want to sign up, this is my link .

There are 3 ways to see the ads. The first one is surfing through the ads one by one; Autosurfing is surfing through ads automatically and surfing in an active browser tab that requires having the focus in that tab.

At the end of these two options requires solving a very trivial captcha, choosing the two images that are the same.

Adbtc is a paying website, although the waiting time for transactions is quite large, about 24-48 hours.

The money earned can be reinvested in own ads. The CPC cost starts from 10 satoshis.

The price they pay for the ads goes from 10-15 satoshis, to 100 satoshis and there is a daily ad limit.

In short, the PTC market is constantly reinventing itself, it was created more than 15 years ago and still
is still alive in original proposals like this one, taking advantage of bitcoin's popularity.