Circular economy and Loyalty Tokens

In this article we are going to talk about circular economy and loyalty tokens.


Circular economy is referred as an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources. Circular systems enhance reuse and share of resources.

Circular economy and loyalty tokens

The ease of development

At a worldwide level, blockchain tokens and cryptocurrencies have exploded. Every day the most popular faucets get a lot of requests for cryptocurrency: bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, neo, etc....
All these requests are routed to a specific networks named testnet and mainnet. Every blockchain has its own testnet and mainnet network.

The finite supply

The most popular blockchains were built from scratch with a huge supply of tokens in mind in the genesis block. A lot of developers, startups, early adopters, investors, companies are eager to get tokens for their own sake and projects. The problem is that they don't return these tokens to the faucet.
Because of the zero cost to get these tokens, usually faucets get drained fast.
Another problem is the language. Usually there are only faucets in english, excluding all the users worldwide.

Proposition - THT Loyalty token

Our proposition is to create a Loyalty token to apply circular economy to testnet criptocurrency, rewarding users that return testnet cryptocurrency to the faucet. This reward will be a loyalty token called: THT (Testnet Help Token).
Our faucets are available in 3 languages (english, spanish and russian) breaking frontiers to reach everyone in North & South America, Europe, Russia, India, Australia and even english speaking countries.
THT will be a "real" token in the mainnet, but for now it's a testnet one.

How will I get THT Token

This token will be earned when participating in the testnet help community (doing some tasks):
Recurrent users that claim testnet cryptocurrency (currently in Rinkeby).
Users that return testnet tokens.
Influencers that share our website content.
Users that complete some quizzes about specific blockchains
And many more soon....

The future - next year

In the next months, the THT token will be deployed in a mainnet ethereum blockchain. When we have 1000 beta users in the platform. So stay tuned!

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