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Mining software
STEEM Faucet
steemit faucet
Cryptocurrency calculator
Token Airdrop
NEM Airdrop
NEM Lotto
NEM Lotto
NEM API Graphical Interactive Tool
About NEM Blockhain

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How to use

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  • You can claim 0.01 XEM or xarLee utility token every 1 hour
  • To claim XEM, mosaics, coin or gas you must get 1 xarleecm:token (TOK) first
  • Do not use bots or abusive claims
  • You must solve the reCaptcha and Terms checkbox.
  • Complete the steps 1234

The xarLee utility tokens (coin, token and gas) are needed for using some features of this site:

xarleecm:coin (XLEE) is used for getting tickets in NEM Lotto, exchanging other NEM Tokens, and getting WebMining multipliers

xarleecm:token (TOK) is used for generate gas and granting access to the faucet

xarleecm:gas (GAS) is created when staking xarleecm:token and it will be used in NEM Funcodes (coming soon)

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